Killian First Baptist Church’s Children’s Program is BOOMING! We have so many programs designed to inspire children to know and love the Lord! Wednesdays are full of children everywhere wanting to worship our God and Sundays are equally as enthusiastic with lessons and hands-on learning. Killian First Baptist also has a great Vacation Bible School, a kid’s day camp put on by the church with different stations and big themes!

Wednesday Nights: 

    On Wednesday nights the Children’s ministry goes in to the sanctuary for Choir

      The Children’s Choir is a program sprung up from the roots of our kids where they sing and do theatrical performances. We have an extremely talented group of children attending our Wednesday night services and they sure know how to belt a tune! Our leaders are teaching them pitch, harmony, posture, and, most importantly, how to fully rely on God!

Our Toddlers – 7 year olds are doing a bible study as part of the K.F.B.C. Youngsters Program. There they do crafts and learn about the Lord and all He has done for them!

The Youngsters group is head up by our volunteers. They do an amazing job and the kids are always so enthusiastic about what God has done for them and is going to do!


     Sunday mornings are filled with Sunday School classrooms for all ages. The classes are divided in to Nursery, Pre-K – Kindergarten, 1st – 3rd grade, 4th – 6th grade, and pre-teen.


     Killian First Baptist Church is locally famous for our innovative VBS ideas and themes. We always have an enthusiastic group of leaders and youth helping out and teaching the group of children who come out. The VBS is four days of learning and adventure and a fifth night of performing and telling the parents all that they’ve learned. KFBC’s Vacation Bible School is always a blast and we can’t wait for the next one!


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